Why Stephen Hawking’s dire warning is all wrong about humans and Earth

May 8, 2017

Stephen Hawking is at it again, with a Sybil-like prediction that’s going viral. But his latest contention – that humans will be wiped out within 100 years and must escape into space – leaves me wondering if the good professor hasn’t already left the planet. Hawking is a fellow theoretical physicist, known for his research […]

Has science lost its way?

April 27, 2017

There were many impassioned political orations delivered at Saturday’s so-called March for Science. Sadly, I heard nothing about the truly serious problem plaguing science today. The single greatest threat to science right now comes from within its own ranks. Last year Nature, the prestigious international science journal, published a study revealing that “More than 70% […]

A physicist’s take on the March for Science

April 21, 2017

As a theoretical physicist, I was excited to hear about Saturday’s nationwide March for Science. But after learning who is leading it and why, I am disappointed to report it is but a brazen attempt by political activists to hijack science. My dream of becoming a scientist started in the second grade and was my […]

In Donald Trump, Christians now have a powerful (if unlikely) champion in the White House

February 2, 2017

Donald Trump – expected to attend Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast – is clearly not your archetypal Christian. Yet after years of feeling marginalized, millions of America’s faithful are optimistic his presidency signals a renaissance of renewed respect and influence for Christianity in U.S. governance and culture. They have a right to expect it. Strong majorities […]

Letter to a divided nation

November 23, 2016

As our nation segues from a rancorous election season to a day of thanksgiving, I wish to speak up for gratitude and optimism. And for a change agent exceedingly more influential than any politician who’s ever lived. November 8th, the pundits keep telling us, was a “change election.” Yet despite the rhetoric of change from […]

Creation 2.0: The promise (and perils) of creating robots in our own image

August 5, 2016

According to Genesis, we were created in the image of God then quickly exercised our free will to rebel against Him. Today, in our heightened frenzy to engineer humanlike robots, I see a disturbing recapitulation of the Creation story. Scientists and engineers inventing robots are truly God’s image-bearers insofar as they enjoy creating and are […]

The spark of life: Science and the Bible meet again

May 1, 2016

For me, images released recently by Northwestern University scientists of tiny light flashes signaling the moment of human conception are evocative of a larger, cosmic-sized truth espoused by both science and the Bible. Namely, the creation of the universe itself – the mother of all moments of conception – was likewise marked by an explosion […]

The Bible and science: The ultimate power couple

February 9, 2016

Many people today see science and the Bible as a bitterly divorced couple and feel forced to take sides. It’s a real tragedy because notwithstanding the impression created by extremists on both sides, the two are in fact remarkably harmonious. As a theoretical physicist and Christian, I have discovered at least ten fundamental truths that […]

Why Pope Francis matters (even if you’re not Catholic)

September 22, 2015

As an evangelical Christian, I can see at least three reasons why Pope Francis and his six-day visit to our nation should matter to all Americans, not just Catholics. First, the pope matters because he represents half of the world’s 2.18 billion Christians. And he reminds us that no other religion comes close to matching […]

Why Nashville, God? One family’s journey of faith

September 18, 2015

If you are a person of faith obeying what you believe God is calling you to do, you’d think you could count on him to smooth the way. Think again. I’m in the midst of doing just that – obeying a certain inner voice to relocate my family from Los Angeles to Nashville – and […]