From the acclaimed writer of MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS …

From the award-winning director of RUDY and HOOSIERS …

Winner of the Truly Moving Picture Award …

Recipient of a perfect 5 out of 5 Doves movie review from the Dove Foundation for quality family entertainment …

“LITTLE RED WAGON is a small movie with a big heart …

… the performances are first rate.”

Leonard Maltin

“LITTLE RED WAGON is a gem. … No bombs, explosions, aliens, terrorist plots, CGI special effects; just an unpretentious film that is

heart-warming in the best sense of that over-abused term.”

Jeff Klayman, Award-winning Playwright

“LITTLE RED WAGON will move your family

from tears of hope to jubilation.”

Scott Rolfe, Dove Foundation

“LITTLE RED WAGON fits perfectly within the filmography of Indiana born David Anspaugh [RUDY, HOOSIERS], who has spent his life … recognizing the power of the human spirit and the ability of one person to do ordinary yet extraordinary things.”

The Independent Critic

In late 2006, my career took an unexpected and exciting new turn. (In truth, my entire career has been a series of unexpected and exciting new turns!) After years of being on  television, I was offered the chance to produce a full-length theatrical motion picture.

My primary financier, the John Templeton Foundation, wished to see me make a movie that would celebrate America’s spirit of generosity. A movie that was family friendly and entertaining.

For more than a year, my four story editors and I combed the headlines, ran full-page ads in certain key publications, and met with the leaders of our nation’s 72,000 charitable foundations — all in the hope of finding that one true story that could serve as the inspiration for an amazing script. In the summer of 2008, we finally found it!

The story centers on young Zach Bonner, who lives in Tampa , FL with his mom and sister. When Zach was in the first grade, Hurricane Charley slammed into the Tampa area and left hundreds of families homeless in its wake. Determined to help in some way, Zach got his mom’s permission to wheel his little red wagon around the neighborhood, collecting food and provisions for the hurricane’s victims; and he did so for four straight months! In all, he filled his mom’s pickup truck with provisions 27 times over!

The experience ignited Zach’s spirit of philanthropy, and the rest is history. Zach is president of the Little Red Wagon Foundation — to our knowledge, the youngest president of a charitable foundation in the country, if not the world. In 2010, he and his mom Laurie marched across America — from Florida to California, a total of 2,478 miles! — on behalf of homeless kids in America. CLICK HERE to see the exciting webisodes of the historic walk.

In the late spring/early summer of 2010, while the real-life Zach Bonner was marching across America, a movie company of some 150 people — producer, director, screenwriter, actors, technical crew — gathered in Charleston, SC to film LITTLE RED WAGON, the movie inspired by Zach’s true story.

In October of 2011, the movie debuted in theaters nationwide to rave reviews from movie goers and critics alike. It then became a Wal-Mart best-seller, and is now a highly-rated, highly-recommended movie available on NETFLIX and online retailers such as  Amazon and iTunes.

LITTLE RED WAGON is also being distributed internationally.