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Reporting on the newly opened Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, 1988

Reporting on the newly opened Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, 1988

It’s a story all-too-familiar to me, a theoretical physicist and follower of Christ that more and more young people are rejecting the Bible in favor of science. I encounter it wherever I speak or sign books or in the emails I receive from all around the world. I hear it from people who are loosening or losing outright their belief in the words of the Bible because of some inaccurate understanding of what science and logic requires of a reasonable person. I hear it especially from men and from parents of college-age kids reared in the Church who are now surrendering to various degrees of apostasy.

I hear it directly from the young people themselves, who are filled with questions about science and faith and don’t know anyone competent and honest enough with whom they can speak about the possibilities of uniting these two unique and seemingly antipodal human gifts, reason and faith. Indeed, in the United States, I’m convinced that if the Church does not awaken to this growing phenomenon it will alienate an entire generation.

My mission is to help forward the pursuit of Truth in our culture. That’s what God has called me to do and that’s why I speak, write books, produce films, and why this website exists.

Welcome to this site and to the discussion about how the Word of God, which has never and will never change, not only is confirmed by science, but informs it.